Distributor Opportunity ( Mainland China)


1. Welcome to joint us

If you are interested in being a distributor of US MIRACLE, please contact with us to get our free documentations. Upon your request, we can mail or deliver to you our company brochures, product manuals, leaflets or samples.

2. Further information exchange

We will make telephone correspondence to understand better your intension and situation for beingour potential distributor.

3. Customer survey

We will evaluate our potential distributor’s qualification, complete the customer database, and reach an initial mutual intention of cooperation.

4. Site Visit

We will invite the qualified distributor to visit the company for the site investigation.

5. Signing distribution contract

We will make final confirmation, sign contract, and the distributor to make the relevant payment.

6. Early stage of interaction

The company will send professionals to the local market for market survey, and monitor the one to one guidance program on the store.

7. Company training

Organize personnel to attend training at company headquarters.

8. Service after being our distributor

Company provides marketing promotion, market development, construction, technical guidance, and training and other long-term follow-up services.